Get your child school ready in just 90 minutes a day!

Shikshan Homeschooling - India’s 1st parent-focused teaching program for pre-schoolers.

The pandemic has given parents a
new set of challenges

Ideally, your child would be attending a preschool right now, but instead, you have to keep your child at home. Even when schools open up, you may not want to send your little one out of concern for their health and safety. This program is for you if you have any of these thoughts or questions.

  • I don’t want my child to miss a year of education
  • I’m concerned about my child’s screen time with online classes
  • I get frustrated as my child doesn't take me seriously as his or her teacher
  • How do I teach my child at home?
  • Will my child be ready for school next year?
  • My child is distracted during online classes
  • Is my child missing out on quality education?
  • My child never completes worksheets I download
  • How do I know my child is learning the right way?

The reason you’re facing these challenges is because of

  • Lack of a clear roadmap

    You have no plan or direction on how to teach your child at home on your own.

  • Lack of a holistic program

    There is no proper system out there that you can follow to educate your child.

  • Lack of support for parents

    You are left to figure it all out with no help, guidance, support or assurance.

Becoming a parent-teacher doesn’t have to be frustrating & overwhelming

That is why we created a holistic homeschooling program for parents so you can

  • Give your child a personalised early education that suits his or her needs.
  • Minimise screen time & help your child become an engaged learner.
  • Build a good academic foundation for your child’s learning & development.

Introducing Shikshan

India’s 1st Parent-Focused, Activity-Based Homeschooling Program to get your child school-ready in just 90 minutes a day!

Get fully equipped to educate your child safely at home with the right approach, interesting activities, learning toys, books, fun workshops with other children and continuous mentoring support.

We will be there for you, every step of the way.

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What sets Shikshan apart?

Homeschooling your little one is an adventure filled with joy and wonder. However, it can also be tiring and difficult without the right approach, methods and tools.

A holistic approach which combines play-based learning and core concepts

Kreedo, a pioneer of the Montessori Method in India, and Tugbug, an organisation with award-winning children’s centres setting new benchmarks for children’s engagement have co-created a holistic program to help you provide the best education for your preschool child.

Strong fundamentals that guarantee future readiness for your child

The only program that incorporates activity-based fundamentals of the Montessori method (literacy, numeracy, thematic learning, sensorial/cognitive) and skill-based learnings from Krishnamurti, Tagore and Gandhi (free thinking, creativity, collaboration, social skills).

Parents Speak

Here’s what some parents have to say about their experience with Shikshan

Why you need Shikshan Homeschooling now

Did you know that 90% of your child’s brain development happens before the age of 5?

Your child’s formative years are considered to be the golden years of their growth.

  • Learn how to effectively homeschool your child as preschools remain closed
  • Invest only 60 to 90 minutes a day, 5 days a week to safely educate your child at home
  • Assist your child hit their developmental milestones during their sensitive periods
  • Help your child to develop & nurture the right skill at the right time
  • Equip your child to be ready for school next year & cope with other kids of his or her age

What you get

This holistic program is for parents of young kids (ages 2.2 – 6 yrs) to empower them to homeschool their children systematically and efficiently, with minimum screen time, and that too in just 60 to 90 minutes a day.

  • 1. Practivity Set of Toys & Games

  • 2. Academic books

  • 3. Parenting The Montessori Way

  • 4. Mentoring for parents

  • 5. Fun & interactive activities

  • 6. Performing arts

  • 7. Community support for parents

  • 8. Child activity planner & tracker

  • 9. Certificate by Kreedo

Practivity set of toys & games to engage your child

  • Early Learning Principles: A beautifully designed & curated set of toys & games that align with early learning principles and have clear learning outcomes. Build literacy, numeracy, sensorial development, logical reasoning and fine motor skills.
  • Simple and Fun: The engaging games in the Practivity box are simple and fun and provide a great opportunity for the parent to play with the child at home.

Academic books designed to meet your child’s learning needs

  • Concept and Philosophy: Structured and well researched, based on the Montessori Method.
  • Curriculum: Focused on the specific development areas of the child. The objectives are set to meet the learning needs of the child.
  • Scientifically Developed: Developed by Kreedo Early Childhood Solutions, an organisation that has been in the Montessori and preschool space for over 25 years, with the aim of developing and nurturing young minds across the globe.
  • Set of 12 Books: 6 theme books, 3 workbooks, 3 practice books

Parenting – The Montessori Way: Everything you need to know about implementing Montessori at home

Self-paced online learning: The course consists of 5 modules with multiple sessions in each of them. Learning is supported with textual content, active audio-visual content and expert talks (videos). You will access the program from a portal (Learning Management System or LMS) and at your convenience. Learn at your own pace, anytime anywhere.

This course, developed by Montessorians United, in partnership with Kido Enterprises, draws upon the rich experience of the subject matter experts in implementing the Montessori method in hundreds of classrooms and homes. You will be introduced to the Montessori philosophy, the method and five areas of development – Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math and Culture.


  1. 15 day access to the course
  2. 10 hours of video and elearning content
  3. Online certification at the end of the course
  4. A downloadable document with tips and Montessori activities to be taken up at home.

Mentoring for parents with a step by step guide on homeschooling

  • Parent Orientation Program: In the first week, a live and interactive online orientation program will be held where we will guide you on how to start this beautiful journey of homeschooling.
  • Continuous Mentoring Support from an experienced Tugbug Mentor: The interaction will include a few minutes of yoga to relax, a discussion about your child’s progress and inputs to overcome the specific challenges you may be facing. It will be conducted periodically till March 2021.

Fun & interactive activities to help build your child’s social skills

Arts and crafts, stories, fun yoga, and rhymes in each session, warmly hosted by a Tugbug anchor. The program includes 20 sessions in which each session is for 40-60 minutes. The sessions will be held twice a week, for 10 weeks. The batch size will be kept to only 5 children per session to build a child’s social skills.

  • Imagination: Stories build imagination and play a soothing, healing role.
  • Creativity: The arts and crafts get them fully involved in creating with their own hands and inspire children to play creatively even after workshop hours.
  • Healthy exercises: The fun yoga exercises strengthen their eye muscles and build their immunity.
  • Enjoyment without Evaluation: In these lively sessions, there are no academics and no evaluation!
  • Social Skills: Children will get to interact with a fun-loving Tugbug anchor and with other children in a warm, comfortable environment.

Performing arts exposure to expand your child’s creativity

  • Puppet Theatre: Online Puppet Theatre by the Tugbug Team will give children an exposure to the Performing Arts through an enjoyable live show!
  • Collaborative Events: Parents will be encouraged to collaborate with one another on their own puppet shows for the kids.

Community support for parents

  • Community Support: Homeschoolers need a lot of support and the best ideas come from solutions other parents have found. We will build and guide the community which will be your pillar of strength during this journey.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The Tugbug team will curate the best practices in terms of activities such as games, music, crafts, etc. and periodically share videos, articles, links and information that will help parents become more empowered home schoolers.

App-based child activity planner and tracker for parent

  • Activity Ideas: The planners will contain activities, audio and video files and guidelines for parents to plan and execute learning every day.
  • Time Planner: Timetable, routines and videos to help parents structure their time with children at home.
  • Assessment Tools: To help you track your child’s development by effectively observing and recording information about the child’s progress

Certificate by Kreedo – your child is now school ready

  • Certificate by Kreedo: On the successful completion of 80% of the activities and when the child exhibits a good grasp of the learning outcomes, a certificate will be issued by Kreedo, the pioneers of Early Education in India. With a footprint of over 3,000 teachers and 1,000 associated preschools following the Kreedo curriculum for learning and development, Kreedo has redefined early education in India over the last 25 years.

    This is a digital certificate and will be based on the children’s assessment data that the parents update on the app.

Choose your level as per the learning outcome

We have customized the Shikshan homeschooling kit based on the age of the child and the learning outcomes they need to accomplish. Pick the most appropriate one to get started!

  • Level 1: 2.2 - 4 Yrs - NURSERY
  • Level 2: 4 - 5 Yrs - LKG
  • Level 3: 5 - 6 Yrs - UKG

Language / Literacy

  • Vocabulary building - Learning new words
  • Introduction to phonics
  • Introduction to reading words

Mathematics / Numeracy

  • Quantity and number associations
  • Sequencing 1 to 20

Sensorial / Cognitive

  • Same and different (shapes, sizes, colours and dimensions)
  • Understanding smell, sound and temperature
  • Introduction to patterns
  • Logical reasoning (Puzzles)

₹ 19,999/-₹ 14,999/-

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Rs. 2600/- per month for 6 months or
Rs. 1765/- per month for 9 months

2.2 - 4 Years

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Language / Literacy

  • Vocabulary building - Learning new words
  • Reading blend words and words with phonograms

Mathematics / Numeracy

  • Quantity and number associations up to 100
  • Sequencing 1-100
  • Introduction to units and tens
  • Addition

Sensorial / Cognitive

  • Same and different (dimensions, sequence and patterns)
  • Introduction to directions
  • Introduction to world map
  • Logical reasoning (puzzles, logical analysis)

₹ 19,999/-₹ 14,999/-

Pay in Easy Installments!
Rs. 2600/- per month for 6 months or
Rs. 1765/- per month for 9 months

4 - 5 Years
Class: LKG

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Language / Literacy

  • Reading blend words and words with phonograms
  • Sentence formation

Mathematics / Numeracy

  • Quantity and number associations up to 1000
  • Sequencing 1-1000
  • Introduction to units, tens and hundreds
  • Multiplication basics
  • Subtraction basics

Sensorial / Cognitive

  • Creating patterns
  • Introduction to India map
  • Logical reasoning (puzzles, logical analysis)

₹ 19,999/-₹ 14,999/-

Pay in Easy Installments!
Rs. 2600/- per month for 6 months or
Rs. 1765/- per month for 9 months

5 - 6 Years
Class: UKG

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Why Shikshan?

Don't let the pandemic hit a pause on your child's education. Become your child's best teacher by getting Shikshan today!

  • Planned curriculum

  • Activity-based learning

  • Mentorship for parents

  • Only 60 minutes a day

  • Minimal screen time

  • Affordable pricing

  • Progress tracking app

  • Kreedo certification

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