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We are delighted to bring to children exciting options this summer! In association with Raell Padamsee’s ACE, we present 3 fantastic online theatrical workshops: Summer Cruise Around the World with Drama, Be a Broadway Star (based on The Lion King and Aladdin) and Harry Potter! These certificate courses pack in adventure, mystery and exploration alongwith an educational twist! We also have activity-based art ‘n’ craft and story sessions online to choose from. Each workshop is live and interactive. So book your spot today and let your child’s imagination go wild with our amazing itinerary!

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Speech and Drama Certificate Courses with Raell Padamsees Ace

Be A Broadway Star (10 Sessions)

Mon-Fri I 4-6 yrs

Harry Potter (10 Sessions)

Mon-Fri I 7-9 yrs

Summer Cruise With Drama (10 Sessions)

Mon-Fri I 4-14 yrs

Jungle Adventures for 3 to 7 yrs (5 Day Module)

The joys of the jungle come alive in this workshop which starts with 2 days of dough fun making a mountain, a spider, a snake and an elephant! Leave the leaf, art above mess and making animals with finger prints are the other fun activities in this module. Set to 5 much loved fairy tales, the workshops help in developing fine and gross motor skills along with inculcating love for nature.

Jungle Adventures for Juniors (5 Day Module)

(Mon - Fri | 20% Discount)

Farm Fun for 3 to 7 yrs (5 Day Module)

Roll it , squish it, knead it! The 5 day module has 2 days of fun with dough in which children will get to make a ladybird, a flower, a scarecrow and a barn owl! They will move on to farm drawings with shapes and learn to communicate story impressions through their art. Set to 5 different farm tales, these workshops strengthen both fine and gross motor skills and give ample avenues for self expression.

Farm Fun for Juniors (5 Day Module)

(Mon - Fri | 20% Discount)

Pinocchio for 3 to 7 yrs (5 Day Module)

This 5 day workshop is set to the tale of the lovable Pinocchio. Just as Pinocchio goes along his journey of exploration, children too will discover new, creative methods and possibilities! Children will learn the techniques of wax resist painting and texture rubbing, have fun doing finger painting and flow drawings and make interesting artworks using shapes. The merry mix of Pinocchio's adventures, activities and yoga exercises will build fine motor skills along with providing a fantastic sensorial experience.

Pinocchio for Juniors (5 Day Module)

(Mon - Fri | 20% Discount)

Single Day Workshops for 3 to 7 yrs

This art uses simple colouring techniques but still produces a wow effect. It is great for developing fine motor skills. Yoga and a story of a beautiful carpet are on the side!

Dot Art for Juniors

(1 Day | All Days)

Paper tearing and pasting is great for hand eye coordination and bilateral coordination. In this session children will learn how putting together different shapes and adding simple lines can give a whole new dimension to art! Yoga and a story are included in the mix!

Paper Collage for Juniors

(1 Day | All Days)

Things that go Vrooomm! are always exciting. This is a fun-filled session where children will hear the story about a strange car. They will actively engage in simple line drawings, enhance their fine motor skills and create pollution free vehicles along with some fun exercises on the ride.

Go Go Vroom for Juniors

(1 Day | All Days)

This workshop is a great sensorial experience for children. Whether it's animals or aliens, you just need the fingers to bring them alive on paper! A super easy and fun session for our brave explorers along with stretch exercises.

Aliens and Animals Finger Fun for Juniors

(1 Day | All Days)

Make portraits using multiple media! A great way for self expression, exploring possibilities and making art out of waste. In this session you hear a classic fairy tale, make an interesting one-of-its-kind portrait, and get to do some fun yoga.

Portrait Making for Juniors

(1 Day | All Days)

Simple vegetables take an arty crafty form in this fun and easy activity. Create lovable characters from a popular story using potatoes from your kitchen! Yoga is thrown into the basket full of joy.

Veggie Printing for Juniors

(1 Day | All Days)

Puppet Making Art and Story (5 Day Module)

In this 5 day online workshop, children will get to see a small puppet show by the Tugbug team, learn the craft forms of sock puppet and spoon puppet, learn the art forms of Patua and Madhubani and also practise collaborative storytelling, to put up their own little show!

Puppet Making Art and Story (5 Day Module)

(Mon - Fri | 20% Discount!)

Village Diorama for 4 to 14 yrs

The workshops in this 5 day module give you a glimpse of rural and tribal India. The ride covers vast expanses: from Truck Art of North India to Warli of Western India and Gond Art of Central India. A little farm completes the Village Diorama.

Village Diorama (5 Day Module)

(Mon - Fri | 20% Discount!)

Indian lorries have their own special character. The gaudy colours and loud slogans come with a unique style of art. Listen to a story set in an Indian village and soak in the magic of Indian truck art! Yoga and chit-chat accompany you on the ride.

Truck Art of India

(1 Day | Mon / Sat)

Traditionally Warli was done on the walls of the house during festive seasons and weddings in tribal areas of Maharashtra in Western India. Listen to a story centered around one such house and recreate the hut as a craft over a 2 day workshop! Yoga and chit-chat on the side!

Warli Hut

(2 Days | Tue, Wed)

Deep in the forests of Central India, lives a tribe called Gond. Their art bears a strong likeness to the aboriginal art from Australia as both styles use dots to create the painting. Learn this tribal art form and listen to a simple story set in rural India. Yoga and chit-chat are woven into the exciting mix.

Gond Art

(1 Day | Thu)

An introduction to the basics of farming in a fun and educational session where children will get their hands dirty and do some sowing. Listen to a story which gives you the real reason behind the morning cock-a-doodle-doo! Yoga and chit-chat are the extra seeds of love our anchors will include in the session.

My Little Farm

(1 Day | Fri)

Treasures of Rajasthan for 5 to 14 yrs

The workshops in this 5 day module introduce you to the breathtakingly beautiful treasures that Rajasthan has to offer. The selection includes Block Printing, Tie and Dye, Mandana and Blue Pottery.

Treasures of Rajasthan (5 Day Module)

(Mon - Fri | 20% Discount!)

Block printing is a tradition which is 2300 years old in India! The basics can be taught on paper with vegetables and fruits available easily at home. A Rajasthani folk tale of a magical tree,  yoga and chit-chat accompany you on this trip through the land of deserts and camels. Parental participation is definitely needed in the first part of the workshop to carve designs out of veggies like potatoes.

Block Printing

(1 Day | Mon)

This technique of designs on cloth has a regal origin and is popular in many parts of Western India. Wildly popular with children, this workshop never ceases to wow young crafters. This is a 2 day workshop in which children will be taught to tie and dye. Bring along any old plain T-shirt/ vest or even hanky and see it transform into a designer piece! The story of a Goddess, yoga and chit-chat are also tied together with the activity!

Tie and Dye

(2 Days | Tue, Wed)

In the Meena villages and Sawai Madhopur area of Rajasthan, this art is believed to ward off evil and act as a good luck charm. A story from the land of deserts also gives us hope that evil will be defeated with a bit of wit and a bit of luck. Yoga and chit-chat are included in the session for more good luck!


(1 Day | Thu)

Turko-Persian in its origin, Blue Pottery has become a traditional craft of Jaipur. Children will make coasters in this stunning art form. The story of a magical parrot, yoga and chit-chat are the other beautiful and enjoyable elements of this workshop.

Blue Pottery

(1 Day | Fri / Sat)

Secrets of the North East for 6 to 14 yrs

The land of the 7 Sisters has a lot of secrets, carefully tucked away. In this 5 day module you get a peep into the rich diversity and beauty the region has to offer. Children will get to weave, make Naga figures, wear their hand-made Mizo headgear and learn the motifs of the land.

Secrets of the North East (5 Day Module)

(Mon - Fri | 20% Discount!)

Weaving is very popular in the North-East where cane, bamboo and wool are used to create a lot of useful things ranging from furniture to baskets to blankets and rugs. In the session on weaving, children will get to make their very own small mat and listen to a story on a magical stick. Yoga and chit-chat are woven into the workshop!

Weaving a Mat

(1 Day | Mon)

This is a very popular workshop where kids get to make their own figures from scratch! They get to work with multiple media and techniques in this 2 day workshop. An exciting story of a witch, some yoga and chit-chat are included in the creative mix.

Naga Chief

(2 Days | Tue, Wed)

In this workshop children will get to make a Mizo headgear which is worn during traditional bamboo dances. They will also get to hear the story of The Tortoise Boy and enjoy a bit of yoga and chit-chat!

Mizo Headgear

(1 Day | Thu / Sat)

In this workshop children will get to learn the motifs of the North East that are used in tribal tattoos, rugs, and even woodwork. Watch an old box turn into a work of beauty. A story, some yoga and a little chit-chat are other secrets you will get a glimpse of!

Box of Secrets

(1 Day | Fri)

Its Party Time

One hour full of giggles, fun and creativity with specially curated art and craft activities, games, stories and celebrations. The silver lining to online celebrations and get-togethers is that for this party everyone you wish to invite can join in from the comfort and safety of their homes!

Its Party Time

(All Days)

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