SkillUp! Workshops

Every Monday – Wednesday, from 4 pm – 6 pm, we have workshops where we guide children of age 5 years and above. They learn special skills and techniques in arts and crafts which are traditional as well as new-age. You can find the schedule in the center or online.



We will make a cute little Lion using a pre-cut design and coloring it.

Art with a Frame

Children will learn to make frame for their artwork.

Paper Pipe Penstand

Learn to make paper pipe pen-stand with waste papers from pamphlets/old magazines.

Ninja Fidget

Create fun Origami toy with any two or four colored Origami paper.

Spin Art Plate

Learn to make beautiful spin art on paper plates.

Photo Frame

Learn to make beautiful Photo frames using cardboard and waste fabric/ twine or jute.

Bird House

Learn to make bird houses using paper and cups and Jute twine.

Flextangle Toy

We learn to make very interesting flex-tangle toys using pre-cut paper pattern.

String Painting

Make art by skillfully pulling a tread/ string.

Woven Bowl

Children will learn to handcraft a bowl using basket weaving technique.

Recycled Paper Coaster

Children will be taught to make pretty paper coaster by recycling waste paper.

Sea Life Plate

We will teach children to make beautiful Sea Life on paper plates.

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