Safety Measures

Safety Measures to Welcome Children Back!

We are delighted to welcome children back to Tugbug Children’s Center at Vasant Kunj in New Delhi, Sector 104 in Noida and Alwarpet in Chennai! The pandemic challenged us to be agile and resilient. We are now better positioned to serve with passion and sustainability, true to the Tugbug principle of creatively engaging children in a safe and secure environment.

  1. We have followed an exhaustive list of cleaning and sanitization measures prior to the opening of our premises and we will continue to take all the necessary precautions throughout the day in order to keep the Center as safe as possible for children.
  2. Please note the Center will remain open from 12 noon to 8 pm from Tuesday – Sunday for children ages 3 – 15 years. The Center shall stay closed on Mondays.
  3. All Tugbug anchors are fully vaccinated. We do temperature screening twice a day and anyone feeling unwell is not permitted to be on duty.
  4. Subject to proof of receipt of two doses of COVID 19 vaccination and passage of fourteen days since the last date of inoculation, one accompanying adult may be permitted to accompany the child at no extra charge at sole discretion of the management of the Center and subject to availability of space.
  5. Keeping in mind the social distancing norms, we are restricting the maximum capacity in the Center to 8 children and 3 accompanying adults. Measures will be taken to avoid crowding at entry and exit points and we request your cooperation for the same.  Show arounds to visitors who are not checking in is not permitted.
  6. We request you to make appointments in advance over the phone before visiting the Center to avoid a disappointment. In case of many visitors, priority of admission will be given to those with a prior booking. Appointments are given by the hour, and the slot is released if there is a failure to show up for 5 minutes post the designated start time. This principle applies to all visitors, walk-ins and pass-holders.
  7. In order to maintain social distance, we have marked red and green spots to guide children and accompanying adults regarding space availability for activities, seating and standing.
  8. All children and accompanying adults must wear a well fitted mask during the time inside the Center. Please ensure that the mask covers the nose and mouth. Touching the front portion of mask is to be avoided. Disposable masks are available in case needed.
  9. Please do not visit the Center if you have even a slight cold, cough or fever. We will be doing temperature checks for all visitors and those with fever would not be permitted to enter, even if there is a prior booking.
  10. Footwear is not allowed within the Center. Footwear must be promptly removed and kept in the shoe rack.
  11. After removal of shoes, you are requested to sanitize your hands and preferably wash them with soap and water. Use tissue to wipe your hands dry and throw used tissues in the designated bin.
  12. Hand sanitizers, spray disinfectants and disposable tissues are kept at the designated points for use.
  13. We are practicing frequent hand washing with soap even when hands are not visibly dirty. If washing is not possible, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are also available for use. We will remind children and accompanying adults of the same from time to time and your cooperation is requested.
  14. Washed, clean and sanitized aprons are provided to children while doing activities and they will be kept in the designated box for wash after each use. Kindly avoid leaving the used aprons around the Center. Please hand them over to the house keeping assistant after use.
  15. Our premises, all the tools and contact surfaces are sanitized before the start of operations, at the time of closure of the Center and constantly through the day, as often as possible.
  16. All garbage is duly disposed in dustbins which are covered and cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  17. We encourage cashless payments as much as possible.
  18. We also encourage group bookings to enable children to mingle within their social bubbles.
  19. We may occasionally be closed (without prior notice) for deep sanitization. We request you to call us prior to your visit to avoid any inconvenience.
  20. Children and/or attendant(s) who are unwell/sick are requested not to enter the Center and the Center reserves the right to disallow those children and/or attendant(s) from entering the premises who are unwell and/or suffering from illness that may be infectious to other persons in the Center. The Center and its management reserve the right to instruct any child and/or their attendant(s) to leave the Center if the child and/or the attendant(s) are caught behaving in a manner that could harm any other child in any manner.


We request your cooperation in adhering to the guidelines and request you to encourage your child to do the same so that we are able to provide a safe and happy space for all.