What We Do

Creative Play

Our sandpit and simple toys allow self-directed creative play, promoting exploration, independence, and problem-solving skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is a fun learning experience for kids that teaches them responsibility, patience and how to take care of plants.

Fun with Paints

Drawing and painting activities using various techniques and materials, such as freehand, wet on wet, finger painting, block printing, and more, promote creativity, self-expression, and fine motor skills in children.

Clay Modelling & Pottery

Clay modelling and pottery allow children to express their creativity in 3D forms! These hands-on activities are great sensorial experiences that enhance their focus and self-esteem.


Storytelling through oral traditions and puppets fosters imagination, empathy and listening skills in children. Stories prepare kids for life!

Craft Activities

Handicraft activities encourage children to create simple yet beautiful objects that combine aesthetics with functionality. This promotes their creativity, patience, and problem-solving skills.

Fun Science Experiments

Our partnership with WonderLab brings fun science experiments to life, sparking curiosity and the spirit of discovery.


Reading is an essential skill that fosters language development, imagination, and a lifelong love for learning. Children can read in a relaxed environment at Tugbug.


Our collection of old-fashioned games promotes social skills, teamwork, and strategic thinking, while also providing hours of fun for children of all ages.

Our aim is to reconnect children with our roots through a combination of interesting and environmentally conscious activities in play areas across India.

Benefits for Children

Nurture their imagination and natural creativity

Help them relax without a sense of compulsion, fear or competition

Develop their will to work, create and concentrate

Nurture and protect their senses

Develop their aesthetic sense

Reinforce their identification with nature

Help them to look with love at each other, nature and things

Enable their self expression

Develop their confidence, independence, persistence

Frequently Asked Questions

Tugbug Children’s Center is a play area for kids to relax, play, experiment, imagine, create! It is not a daycare or a creche.

Yes, we would love to have you visit with your child. We encourage family members to spend more and more time with their children.
To facilitate the same, we have included one adult’s entry complimentary with the entry of a child.

A child can spend as long as he or she likes in Tugbug.

Our philosophy is "less is more" when it comes to things to surround
children with. The less they have to play with, the more they develop
their power to imagine and create. This is why our focus is on simple,
natural, handmade toys and natural materials for them to experiment
with. We ensure that the quality of things we provide is high so as to
protect and nurture their senses.

In the words of Devi Prasad, “the language of visual forms, expressed by drawing and painting or drama, music, and dance, comes to the child more naturally and spontaneously than that of words”.  Therefore, it’s important that children be given ample opportunities for self-expression in a language which comes to them more naturally than the language of words. We provide both types of avenues:
(1) for children to gain from the guidance of anchors
(2) for total freedom when instruction is minimised and the child is encouraged to explore and play by themselves

Your child’s painting is an expression of his or her inner thoughts, feelings, and desires.

When it comes to art, we let children be. We believe that art provides a much-needed release for children to bring out their innermost thoughts. The Tugbug anchors do not interfere or intervene in the child’s work and hence it is the purest form of their self-expression.

We encourage children to clean up after themselves to inculcate cleanliness, self-confidence and self-reliance along with respect for all forms of work.

We are trying to build an environment of collaboration rather than competition. We do not hold contests or give away prizes. A child seeing the result of the work they have done with their own hands is the best form of prize.
This work may be a clean floor after they have swept it or an animal that they have made of clay.

The use of natural materials has been widely praised as fulfilling children’s aesthetic needs, encouraging their imagination, and reinforcing their identification with nature. Playing with natural materials not only nurtures the child’s sense of touch but also builds love and respect for nature and the environment. We recommend that you bring the children in clothes that can be dirtied. However, we do have aprons in case they are needed!

Our methodology has a host of specific benefits that have been mentioned in the section “benefits for children”. Above all, the intent is to create joyful experiences and reduce the screen time a child is exposed to. A child who has had a well-fulfilled childhood will be successful and happy with whatever he or she chooses to do.