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Our aim is to reconnect children with our roots and with the arts through a combination of interesting and environmentally conscious activities. These include storytelling, puppet shows, painting, handicraft, clay modeling, recycling, gardening, reading, rhythm, movement, song and self-directed play.

Peaceful, non-judgmental spaces for children of 3 years and above, where they are creatively engaged and gently guided by our trained and caring staff.

A beautiful environment for parents to bring their children to and bond with them in a relaxed manner.

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We encourage children to create rather than to consume by connecting them in interesting ways with the arts and with nature.


We trigger the free flow of children’s imagination through thoughtfully curated materials and activities.


Through self-directed play we help the unfolding of the child’s natural powers.

About Tugbug

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What we do

We are present in multiple cities

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They have loved us

Parents and children have loved our online workshops! Click here to read reviews.

For any query, please reach out to us on the following email address or phone numbers:



Call our Coordinators:

Sabina: +919600235248
Bharathi: +919345794971